What’s in my handbag 2016 | Handbag organization.

Today’s video is for all my handbag lovers out there. I’m showing you what I carry inside my Zara handbag, plus a little bit of a bag organization. Hope you like it!


‘What’s in my handbag’:


After searching for a long time I finally found a bag that I really liked at Zara. And because the bag has a very business-like look to it, I draped a small scarf around the top handle to give it a bit more of a playful look. And it gives the bag a nice pop of colour.

Bag organisation:

I’m the type of person who likes to have an organized bag. I don’t like it when I have to search through my whole bag to find my keys for example. So to fix that little problem I work with little pouches inside my bags. I bought quite a few of my pouches from H&M.


En that’s everything I carry around with me in my bag. I hope you liked the video.

Thank you for watching!


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