Whenever a stranger calls me pretty, I often feel uninterested. Well, let me rephrase that. I’m thankful, but uninterested at the same time. Because I didn’t have to do anything for the way I look. I’m just a mix between my mom and dad, that’s it. It say’s nothing about me as a person.


Today I just wanted to write something about the word ‘Pretty’ and the meaning that society gives to this world. So very often we are called pretty because of our looks on the outside. If you ask me, that’s a shame. Because we should find a person beautiful because of there personality.

I really hope that people who know me, also like my personality. That they like me because of who I am and not because of how I look. Because in the end my looks will fade, but hopefully my personality will stay the same. Or even better, my personality would’ve become even prettier.

I also hope that my boyfriend not only finds my outside pretty, but also my personality. But after being together for 4 years, I’m sure he also finds my personality pretty.


The word ‘Pretty’……. such a shame that that word often says something about a persons outside.

About the way they look.

Shouldn’t the word ‘Pretty’ say something about that person on the inside?

About somebody’s personality?

How somebody is as a girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, mother/father, sister/brother or friend?

About somebody as a human?

The word ‘Pretty’ should have more meaning. And therefore become even more powerful than it already is.

Isn’t it true that a nice person becomes even prettier in your eyes, because of their personality?

Beauty will fade through out the years. But hopefully we can all stay pretty.


I hope you liked my little version of a poem, named ‘Pretty’. What do you think? Should people be called pretty just because of there looks? Or should it mean much more than that?

Thank you for reading!





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