Bright red joggers

Outfit of the day: ‘The bright red joggers’.

Hello and welcome! Today I’m sharing one of my most easy going outfits with you, for those typical Dutch spring weather days. Even though it’s not very appropriate for today’s weather, because it’s pissing it down right now (as the British would say right?!). Anyways, come take a look.

The bright red joggers:

A couple of months ago I bought these lose fitting jogger pants from the Costes store, for € 49,95. I immediately was attracted to it’s beautiful bright red color and I realized that I didn’t have anything like it in my wardrobe. So I decided to buy it, even though it was pretty pricey if you ask me.


To keep the outfit nice and bright, I decided to pair these joggers with a white lace top from River Island and my new white Converse in ‘Dainty Sheer’. I’ve rolled up the ends to make the look more casual. But if you leave the ends down and put on some nice heels, you can easily turn this outfit into a more night time appropriate look.


I like to throw on a denim jacket, for whenever it’s too cold to wear the white top on its own. And sometimes I also like to wear these joggers with my Niké sneakers and a black leather jacket. So even though these joggers were a bit pricey, they have proven themselves to be very versatile.


We took these pictures at such a beautiful place.

dsc01465‘Tamtamtammm……..Peggy in tha jungle….’. But where is my freaking Tarzan?! Oh wait I know, he’s behind the camera 😉 hehehe…..

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So that’s it for today, I hope you liked the outfit. I’m curious to know what type of weather it is in your country?  Let me know!

Liefs, Peggy.

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