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Hi there, welcome! Today I’m sharing my new favorite swimsuit with you. Come take a look…


My new swimsuit:

So for those who know me, know that I absolutely hate wearing a bikini. Not just a little bit, but I really really dislike it. In a bikini all of my scars are visible  and when I was younger I would always get questions about them and that just made me feel so uncomfortable.

Nowadays I’m much less insecure about my scars, but I still don’t like to walk around in a bikini. I guess showing that much skin is just not my style.  I feel way more comfortable when I’m a bit more covered up. So this year I was looking for a new swimsuit. One I would feel a bit more comfortable in. And then I found this beautiful piece at H&M.

swimsuitThe price was a reasonable € 25,-, so that’s not to expensive but also not very cheap either. What I liked about this swimsuit is first off all the beautiful blue color but also the lace details, which gives it a bit of a sexy look.




The back of the swimsuit is pretty low cut, but still covers the ‘love handles’ area, so that’s a good thing right?! At least it is for me :-).

I’m so happy that I found a swimsuit where I finally feel comfortable in. Now I can go swimming with my boyfriend without just running into the swimming pool as quickly as I can.

You can find this item here.

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That’s it for today. Thank you for stopping by! Btw, are you more of a bikini or swimsuit type of person? 

Liefs, Peggy.

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